Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology

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Resources to accompany Introduction to Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology (4th edition) 

Now, more than ever, we need caring professionals who are willing to help children and families meet life's challenges using scientific, evidence-based methods. 

Introduction to Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology (4e) is designed to help you understand common childhood disorders, their causes, and their evidence-based treatment. 

It approaches children's problems from the perspective of developmental psychopathology: child development is best understood in the context of biological, psychological, and social-cultural risk and protective factors over time. 

It also emphasizes the importance of integrating psychological research and compassionate practice to best help children and families in need. 

Other key features include:

  • Complete DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for each disorder;

  • Embedded case studies to illustrate each condition;

  • Emphasis on ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic factors;

  • Science to Practice sections that show how research findings are applied to help children and families in need.

  • Descriptions of treatments recommended by the Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and the American Academy or Pediatrics;

  • Case Studies in Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology, bundled with the text and written by the author, offers 56 new cases, discussion questions, and answers to help students apply what they have learned.

Not every student will become a mental health professional, but most will have an opportunity to positively affect the life of a child. As a parent, teacher, healthcare provider, coach, tutor, or mentor, we can all promote the well-being of children and families. This book is designed to help you make a positive impact using psychological science.