Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology

Resources for Introduction to Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology (4th edition)

16. Health-Related Disorders & Pediatric Psychology

Learning Objectives

Elimination Disorders

Describe the features of childhood elimination disorders, their causes, and their evidence-based treatments.


Sleep-Wake Disorders in Children

Describe the features of pediatric insomnia, and show how young children’s sleep problems often differ from

those of adolescents and adults.

Identify some of the main causes of pediatric insomnia and its evidence-based treatment.

Give examples of other sleep-wake disorders that affect children and adolescents.Give examples of other sleep-wake disorders that affect children and adolescents.

Pediatric Psychology

Describe the field of pediatric psychology, and illustrate some of the major professional activities of pediatric


Explain how pediatric psychologists help youths with chronic medical problems.

Note: The number before each objective shows its corresponding module in the text.


Enuresis Treatment

This brief video provides an overview of urine alarm treatment for nocturnal enuresis.

Causes of Encopresis

Dr. Steve Hodges (Wake Forest) explains the leading cause of encopresis: constipation. The video contains some excellent graphics midway through.

Pediatric Sleep Study

What's it like to participate in a sleep study? This video provides kids with an introduction to sleep studies at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Learn More

Effective Child Therapy: Elimination Disorders

The Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology (APA Division 53) summarizes the latest research on elimination disorders and their evidence-based treatment. Their site provides detailed descriptions and videos of the most efficacious treatments available. It's the best place to go to learn more about how to help kids with enuresis or encopresis.

APA Division 54: Pediatric Psychology

Division 54 of the APA consists of mental health professionals interested in the application of psychology to children’s physical health.

Pediatric Psychology Training

If you are interested in becoming a pediatric psychologist or pediatric neuropsychologist, you can visit the training website at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The site provides an excellent introduction to the professional activities of pediatric psychologists.

Sleep Disorders in Children

Phoenix Children's Hospital provides a very easy-to-read, yet detailed introduction to sleep disorders in children and adolescents.